Beauty Bust: Mail Call with Fun Julep Boxes Filled with Trendsetting Surprises

photo 4-1It’s no secret I’m obsessed with nail polish. While following some of my favorite bloggers on InstaGram, I discovered Julep. I was first attracted by the colors in the photos, so of course I had to google and see what it was all about. I was excited to find out they are 4-free, which means they are toxin free. Since I’m allergic to most of the popular polishes like Essie and Opi, I was excited to add another brand to my list of polishes that I can use. Other toxin free polishes I love are: Butter london, Zoya and Jessica. Julep is all about empowering women. Their polishes are named after inspirational and strong women. “There’s a reason our nail colors are named for women who inspire us—women who are strong and smart and funny and gorgeous and different. Because everything we do as a company is grounded in the power of women emboldening other women to be their most vital, beautiful, confident and happy…and to have a lot of fun along the way,” stated on Julep website.

Introductory Boho Glam Box

Introductory Boho Glam Box

Julep’s mission is to ignite the spirit of engagement in women everywhere. When Julep began, their girlfriends helped them move forward by connecting them to editors, lawyers, designers, inspiring professionals and more. In the spirit of continuing to pay it forward, Julep donates a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of every Julep Nail Color to organizations that empower women. Talk about makeup with a purpose, huh?  This brand isn’t typical where you log on and choose which colors you like. Though you can go that route, the more fun comes when you take their Maven Quiz. The maven quiz puts you into a profile category of either: Boho Chic, Bombshell, Modern Beauty, It Girl,  or Classic with A Twist. Each profile is assigned a box each month with either two polishes and a beauty product, or in the case of Modern Beauty it’s two beauty products and It Girl is assigned three polishes each month. These boxes are up for grabs each month starting on the 20th and you have until the 24th to make up your mind. Don’t worry, if you don’t like the box that’s assigned to your profile, you can opt for another one, and if you like the entire collection, you can upgrade to receive them all for an additional charge. The box is at a great price of $19.95 a month. So for less than $20 you get few new additions to your beauty collection. You have the option to opt out if you don’t like it and not get charged.

In addition to the monthly picks, being a Julep Maven gives you discounted prices of up to 20 percent off on all

Spring Mystery Box - cute setup

Spring Mystery Box – cute setup

their products at any time. Also, if you choose your box that month, on the first of the next month you will be given access to the Secret Store, where you can purchase select polishes, products and sets for discounted prices too. Wondering how much it costs to be a Maven? Guess what, it’s free! You will only be charged for the boxes you choose, other than that you won’t have to pay for anything. Your introductory box can be free too! Try the codes FREEBOX or MAYGYF1 to get your box for just a penny! In addition to these great perks, they also have Julep Jules, which are points your account gains every time you make a purchase, give a review or share Julep. With these points you can start collecting enough for a free box in the future or free add-ons. Wait, I haven’t mentioned the add-ons? When you select your box for the month, there will be a few extra products that you can add-on to your purchase at prices that are even less than your discounted maven price. For example, a polish regularly costs $14, the maven price is about $11 but when the polish is part of the add-on special, you can get it for $4.99. So if you ask me, you can’t lose when becoming a Julep Maven!

Spring Mystery Box

Spring Mystery Box

Also, the boxes are so much fun! In addition to the products you know you are getting, they throw in a surprise every month. Sometimes it’s candy, or chocolate, but other times it’s a lip balm or hand creme. I’ve also gotten sunscreen, hair ties and nail files. You never know what your surprise is going to be. I’m also a sucker for cute quotes and each month, there’s a little card tucked into my box with an inspiring quote to go along with that month’s collection’s theme. Oh wait, one more thing. From time to time they do Maven Mystery Boxes, which are only available to Mavens. These boxes will have a set prices, usually about $25 and promise to have anything between $70-$500 worth of products. There will usually be multiple versions of the boxes, usually bout nine different ones and you won’t know what you’re getting or what’s in them until other Mavens start posting on Facebook. It’s fun to wait for the little box and see what your surprise will be. I purchased the Spring Mystery Box and wasn’t disappointed with any of the colors or products I received.

May Collection

May Collection

They also give out special gifts every month to one lucky winner. It can be anything from extra products to accessories that go with that month’s theme. This month’s theme is 1920s Glam in tribute to the Great Gatsby movie, so the extras are over-sized sunglasses and an array of accessories with lots of bling! Last month’s theme was Summer Brights so the gift included sunglasses, a very pricey beach tote, and a few other accessories to make any beach-goer a happy camper. If you ask me, it hasn’t hurt to try Julep. Except other that my bank account gets a hit every now and then. What do you think about Julep? Will you become a Maven? If you’re interested, feel free to sign on through my link and  enter this code 10187254. You might qualify for extra discounts.


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