Beauty Bust: Mellow Yellow

Yellow Nail Trend Summer 2013
Last summer I played with my first attempt with yellow nail polish with Jessica’s Banana Peel. This season it’s showing up everywhere. Summer days are approaching and beach season has definitely arrived. Those hot neons and brights are all the rage for the warmer months but try something new this summer. Instead of your usual go-to colors like hot pinks, corals and bright oranges, be a little bit more daring in yellow. It’s all over the fashion magazines and even your favorite celebrities. Summer gives us an excuse to be a little bit more playful, a little less rigid and experiment in our beauty routine.
a87f69d732c8d658_natalie-nails.xlargerThese bright and soft yellows have even shown up on the red carpet. Celebrities can be found wearing neon yellowish-green hues to more subtle pale tones. If your nails are calling the attention in your outfit, keep the rest of it a little more cohesive in black shorts or a blazer or even an easy summer dress in white. If you dare to wear color in your outfit, keep in in colors that aren’t to wild like a crazy floral pattern with too many colors. Try simple, chic patterns like strips, a solid color or even mod- dots in one hue. The colors can be contrasting colors with yellow or good combinations like coral, orange or even teal. Just make sure your outfit isn’t pulling from the attention of your nails and keep it to one or two colors and not a splash of various colors in your outfit.
I started with Banana Peel because it is more of a soft, neutral yellow and a good start if you aren’t daring enough to sport the brighter colors. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about yellow nails so wanted to dip my toes in it (no pun intended) before I took the plunge to brighter choices. I recently used Julep’s Daisy, which is a bright yellow creme color. At first, I felt odd to see my yellow mani, but after a few days I was loving it, getting lots of compliments on it – even from men. So I guess yellow wasn’t a bad choice for a manicure color.
Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 3.17.08 PM
Check out your favorite brand, try different hues until you find one that fits you and your personality. Just about every brand under the sun has their version of the perfect yellow.
What nails trends are you experimenting with this summer? How do you feel about yellow nails? What’s your favorite yellow nail hue?

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3 responses to “Beauty Bust: Mellow Yellow

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    • Maria– it’s so much fun! Once you find the right tone for your skin tone it looks great! I tried some flops too! You’re a brave girl… Pretty sure you could pull it off!! If a guy notices and compliments it.. I think I’m sticking to it! Haha

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