Beauty Bust: Teal is a Summer Style Steal Trend

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun with color! A few weeks ago I suggested yellow as an option for your next mani-pedi. It’s fun to venture way from the usual pinks, corals and whites for summer every now and then. Today, I have another suggestion for this week’s mani-pedi. One of my new favorite colors for summer is teal or turquoise, however you like to refer to this fun blue-green shade.


Left to Right: Neely, Wednesday, Dianna, Robin, Lena, Victoriana

UnknownI actually started to slightly experiment with this shade last summer. At first, I felt a bit odd having such an attention calling color on my hands, it felt more normal on my toes, but after a bit I started to love it. (And it received a lot of compliments). My first experimentation with the color was butter London’s Victoriana, which is a bit of a darker teal tone with tiny silver specks in it. It was fun, metallic and can easily transition into fall. It’s more subtle because of the bit darker hue. Then I thought I needed something a little brighter and went for Zoya’s Wednesday, which is a lighter, cream tone than Victoriana and described on Zoya’s site as a faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone.

images-1This summer I’ve added a few more to my collection, some of which I’m still waiting to use, because I’m such a polish hoarder. First, it was Julep’s Robin, which is a bit more blue than teal, then Julep’s Lena found its way home to me. This color is a darker, yet brighter teal color with tiny specks of gold. However, once you put it on your nails, you can’t really see the gold specks like you can in the bottle. Just this week Julep’s Dianna and Zoya’s Neely were added to the collection. Dianna was in my Julep Maven box for this month. It’s described to be more of a Tiffany blue/teal color and the Julep site describes is as a mint green creme. This will most likely be my color for this weekend. Neely is more of a sublet teal that leans more towards a whitish-cream tone or light Spring green color. Neely was actually originally created as a custom-made runway color for fashion designer Peter Som.

They may all look a bit similar to you once you see them in the bottles but once on, they’re each very different. Just like your pinks and oranges, sometimes you’re in the mood for something bright and attention grabbing, others you want something more subtle or neutral in tone. Even those of you who are used to more classic and traditional in your styles can find a hue of teal that is perfect for you. They don’t have to be too bright but a more subtle tone, like Zoya’s Neely for example, that is more whitish with a hint of teal.

draft_lens8925771module103585791photo_1275271972jessica_simpson_blue_nailWould you dare to experiment with teals this summer? If you already have, which is your favorite teal tone color for this season?


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