Show Your O.riginality with Personalized Supplies

foldersIn a sea of back-to-school products, it’s often difficult to find something with originality, personality and that fits you perfectly. Rows and rows of back-to-school supplies are already being wiped off the shelves of every store you step foot in. However, going back to school should be fun and not mundane. Your personality or even school spirit should shine though. Wouldn’t you want to go back to your friends with something original? Help your child’s personality show with O.riginals. I’m sure it’ll get them excited about school and new supplies.

Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo

Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo

O.riginals was founded in 2009, after designing some gift stickers for the founder’s cousin to use on her birthday gifts. This character became the face of O.riginals: Design & Stationary and was named Cecilia, which has also become O.riginals most popular face.

O.riginals specializes in personalized products that feature an original illustration which resembles your child. O.riginals is named after Creative Director, Olga Martinez, who started this genius idea as a hobby and is now run by the mother-daughter dynamic duo. At first, O.riginals was sold exclusively at trunk shows and craft fairs. After they noticed how excitedly the brand was received by those in attendance at the League Against Cancer in October of 2009, where they were participating in a trunk show, the founders knew they had to copyright and trademark their idea quickly.

folderNow you can purchase over 100 products and they have about 200 illustrations in their database. You can also make quick and easy purchases online. If there’s something you want that you don’t see, or a custom illustration you’d like make, just contact the Creative Director and they’ll accommodate your needs, or your child’s favorite outfit or unique uniform.

thisbelongstostickersWho says going back-to-school means you must have all the same new stuff everyone else does? O.riginals allows you to go back-to-school with custom-made, personalized school stationary, which feature illustrations that are fully dressed in your child’s school uniform, favorite after-school activity or weekend outfit. This is a great way to have your child show some school spirit and pride.

backpackYou can get anything from folders, binders, bag tags, seat sacks, iPad and iPhone cases, bows, backpacks, zipper cases, ballet or sports bags and much more with a special character that resembles your favorite little character – your child.

Every cool kid has many friends in school and so does Cecilia, with five more friends by her side, O.riginals truly has a wonderful cast of characters. These characters were designed as a means to more closely resemble other people. Celia’s five fabulous friends are: Pia, Olgui, Alexandra, Jake and Justin. Though customizations can be made to any character and changes in hair color, skin tone, and wardrobe can be made to best fit your child.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 3.55.19 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.52.18 PMAfter reviewing the O.riginals products, I have to say I wish it was around when I was in school. Though I’m being a bit biased and showing my own school pride some many, many years later, I am proud to say that O.riginals was the creation of fellow Bobcat and Our Lady of Lourdes Academy Alumn, Olga Martinez. I know if this was

Olga Martinez, Creative Director

Olga Martinez, Creative Director

around while I was walking down those halls, participating in school activities and trying to get some studying done while socializing, for sure I would’ve had my own Michelle character on all of my supplies and tech gadgets (though those didn’t exist back then, yes, I’m slightly dating myself). The notebooks with a character with your name on every page would have definitely been needed to fill my binders in every class. Instead of crafting my own, not so creative doodles. Seeing my own character on the pages would’ve probably made note-taking a lot more fun. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.49.04 PMIf you’re like me and your school days are behind you, don’t worry you can still get your own O.riginals design. They’re not just for kids, if you ask me. O.riginals has characters dressed for a variety of professions such as: doctors, moms, teachers, chefs, yogis and even nuns. If your profession isn’t in their lookbook, don’t worry, just contact them for a customized illustration to call your own.

Here are a few of the styles of O.riginals characters you can choose from. I’m sure there’s one fit for your favorite hobby, profession, or school.

For those of you who might be crazy enough to be starting your Christmas shopping soon and participate in the Magic Elf madness that begins in November, O.riginals has created miniature replicas of many school uniforms so that your child’s Magic Elf can participate in the school fun too. They also have Magic Elf outfits for those Elves who might want to join their little girls to ballet class.

Now through August 19th you can request a custom illustration free of charge and also take advantage of free shipping on all domestic orders by using the code FREESHIP at checkout.

Here is a sampling of their adorable products that I had a chance to preview. There are many more fabulous choices on their site.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.52.36 PMWhat do you think of O.riginals? Does your child own O.riginals already? Would you have been their fan while you were in school? What do you think of the O.riginals designs for adults showcasing their profession?


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