Gift Ideas for the Creative Type

gift ideas for the creative type

Kate Spade tech accessory

Kate Spade tech accessory

Wall art

Wall art

Chevron home decor

Abby Black


I’m a little biased when writing this gift guide, because I’d pretty much love anything on this list. (Do you hear me, Santa?) Anyway, if you have a creative friend, the one who is always jotting down ideas, runs a fashion blog, is always taking pictures or maybe even works from home, these gifts will be sure to put a smile on her face.
Take it from me, working from home is usually done in your PJs, so lots of coffee and a cute t-shirt are always useful. That’s where the cute styles from Ashley Brooke Designs comes in hand. I’m seriously lusting over just about all her coffee mugs. And that t-shirt can pretty much take you from writing on your bed to a meeting with you editor if you just slip a cute blazer over it. Can we just admit how much we love that positive quote on it too?
If you’re friend is the old fashioned type that no matter how many iPhone and iPad apps she’s downloaded, she still likes to write things down on paper, a cute notebook – or five – and a very stylish agenda will have her stepping into the new year ready to tackle the world. My favorite brands right now are Sugar Paper, Kate Spade (duh!) and May Designs – because you can design your own notebooks, agendas and even note cards with your name, blog name or whatever silly saying makes your heart happy. Your friend will probably get a chuckle every time she picks it up if you personalize it with an inside joke. That’s sure to make her day a little brighter when things seem too hectic to handle. And if she’s doing all that writing, some cute, inspirational pencils will be a perfect match. Washi tape, decorative tape, is also a cute stocking stuffer and will allow her to use to mark important dates in her agenda, mark important pages in her notebook, or use to decorate her mail. (Maybe a cute thank you note will be sent to you for your fabulous gifts.)
Let’s not forget all the gadgets she probably has to load around town when on assignment – or browsing for her next inspiration. A big tote perfect to carry her iPad, notebooks, and makeup is perfect for a big meeting or just hanging out around town. If she’s always snapping photos, I’m sure she’ll love the trendy camera bags from Jo Totes because they definitely don’t look like the typical tourist camera bag, but a trendy purse. If you’re looking for a big gift item, a new camera is the perfect gift. Even if she already has one, or is used to lugging around her DSLR, a small, convenient camera with a great lens will help her creative juices flow and make her blog, or photography assignments, that much better.
While she’s out there acquiring all this inspiration, an inspiration board to put it all in also makes a great gift. I like the new chalk board types because you can write notes, reminders and messages, but also pin (not the Pinterest kind, the old-fashioned kind) inspirational photos, quotes or fabrics to the board with cute magnets or even washi tape. Just make sure it’s classy and framed nicely to add some decor to her space. If you’re on a budget, these inspirational quote prints from The Every Girl are cute gifts and great stocking stuffers or even great gifts for your secret santa at work. Candles are also essentials for most creative types, as it adds calm to the space when on a hectic deadline or sometimes the scent just inspires them or relaxes them, depending how great it is.
Another great gift, though definitely a big ticket item is a vintage typewriter. Now a days with all the gadgets and electronics around, sometimes it’s nice to remember a time when things were simpler. Even if she never uses the typewrite, because honestly, her MacBook can do a lot more, the inspirational piece in her writing space is sure to get her creative wheels turning.
If there’s a little hipster in her, a gift card for Warby Parker will definitely make her happy. She can use it to order herself some new, trendy eye glasses, because trust me, you can never have too many styles. Or she can order herself some stylish sunglasses to strut around town when on assignment.
A perfect go-to gift that can never go wrong is a new iPhone or iPad cover. Trust me, a girl can never have too many options to give her number one accessory a new look. These cute styles with inspirational quotes from women they’ve interviewed by The Every Girl are just fab. You’ll surely one to pick one up for a friend and even one for you. A girl who is into style or a bit creative will like to change the look of her gadgets as much as she changes her own fashion.
These gifts are great for any creative type- whether a professional writer, a hobby journal keeper, a photographer, or designer. They even make great stocking stuffers for most trendy girls on your list or even that co-worker you’re not sure what to get. Most of these items are budget friendly, so go ahead purchase a few for those on your list.
What do you think of the items on the Creative Type Gift Guide? How many of these will you be adding to your holiday gift list? Admit it, you want most of them for yourself, don’t you? I know I do! Happy Shopping!

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