Gift Guide for the Beauty Obsessed

Gift Guide for the Beauty Obsessed
Today’s gift guide is for the ultimate girly girl! Everyone has one of those in their groups. This is the girl who doesn’t go to the supermarket without powder, lipgloss and mascara. The one who thinks putting her makeup on is like play time or painting in an art class. She unwinds with her box full of colors. They bring her as much happiness as a box of crayolas and a coloring book once did. She likes to get her hair done. Her weekly manicures are either classy or trendsetting with glitter and nail art – depending on her mood and occasion. She’s the one who is perfectly done from makeup, to wardrobe, to fragrance for a night on the town, whether with the girls for cocktails, gossip and fun or on a date ready to see if romance unfolds. She can never have enough makeup bags, because honestly she has so much stuff they’re all filled to the brim. She’s the one who knows the difference between all the makeup brushes that come in the kit. The one everyone begs to do their makeup when heading for a night out. She experiments with hairstyles, whether a high ponytails, a top knot, or a simple headband – though she somehow pulls it off to look chic and not childish. She’s the one everyone goes to to seek advice on the latest products from skin care to the perfect shade of red lipstick.
She’s either a fashionista, a makeup artist or one who just thinks she is for her self, she’s a beauty maven, or a classy girl who knows how to put it all together. She can be anyone! Just about everyone has one or a few of these ladies on their holiday list. Maybe she’s your mom, sister, best friend, wife or sister in law. These gift ideas range in prices from a lofty gift for that special someone to a simple stocking stuffer under $10. There’s an idea here to bring a smile to your Beauty Maven no matter what price range you’re in.
Enjoy! Happy shopping! Stay tuned for more gift ideas coming up this week! We’re officially 9 days til Santa arrives!

Glitter nail polish

Gift sets kit

Forever 21 bags case

Forever 21 nail care

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