Gift Guide for the Wanderlust Traveler

Gift Guide for the Wanderlust Traveler
Today’s gift guide is for that person on your list who always has the travel bug. They’re the ones always looking for a quick weekend jaunt, is ready to join you on a road trip or planning that dream vacation, which they take a few times a year. Or they can be the business traveler who spends more hours on a plane than they do in the office securing deals, promoting their brand and making connections. While they’re off galloping for fun or putting their best foot forward in business, make sure they’re sent off with everything they need. They can never have too many travel bags, weekenders or suitcases. And of course, all the essentials to fill them with such as jewelry cases, makeup cases, travel makeup brushes, passport holders, travel candles to make those dingy hotel rooms their office puts them in smell a little more like home and some great headphones for those long plane rides. Sometimes they might want to take notes or journal their escapades and a travel journal would be the perfect thing to throw in that carry on.
If they have a little four-legged buddy who they like to take with them, a stylish per carrier for their furry friend to find comfort in will sure put a smile on their face. For the business traveler, a trendy purse and laptop carrier can never go wrong. Of course, travel essentials like small makeup an toiletries are a convenient gift. Rollerball perfumes make security check in a breeze and won’t spill all over their packaged clothing. And when they’re spending all that time in hotels, a comfy set of pajamas will sure help them unwind after a long day of exploring or making business deals.
Do you have a frequent traveler on your list? What will you be helping them pack their next suitcase with?

Madewell pajamas

Eberjey pajamas

J Crew travel bag

H&M Travel kit
$21 –

Frends earbuds headphone

Nordstrom facial brush

Laura Mercier lips makeup

Henri Bendel makeup brush

Toiletry bag

Aquiesse white candle

LONGCHAMP LM Metallic travel bag
$170 –

Stow London Hester Travel Jewellery Box
$245 –


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