Hi Everyone. Welcome to my personal space on the web. My name is, Michelle Arean and I’m a Journalist from Miami. This website is a place for me to write about topics that I think make a Bella Vida – a Beautiful lifestyle! I will be exploring relationships, books, family and the daily trivial circumstances that can make our life beautiful or not. I will also be sharing some adventures with my little beauty, Princess Bella, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who I’m pretty obsessed with. You will basically be able to find topics on most of the things that inspire me, my hobbies, and as well as random things swimming through my mind.

Here’s a little more about me and my professional background – I am a journalist and my work has been published in local and national publications such as GlamourLATINA magazineFlorida International MagazineDogs Are OKTO27.com,Outloud and local community newspapers. I was recently also responsible for the writing and editing you see in the pages of UNIQUE ME magazine.

I’ve also worked for a local non-profit organization where I was the Senior Community Director, and was responsible for coordinating fundraising events, was at times the local media spokesperson for local events, and helped coordinate media appearances.

I also have years of experience in Public Relations from my years at Florida International University’s Media Relations department where I first dabbled with the media world and also fell in love with PR.  I’ve traveled the country while working with national artists and events coordinating their PR while working as a Public Relations Specialist for a local marketing company. I have a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, with a Minor in Marketing, from Florida International University.

I’d love to hear from all of you reading. So feel free to leave comments on my posts or send me a quick e-mail to say hello.

** I am not endorsed nor do I receive payment for any of the products I review on my site. They are simply my opinions after trying out the products, reading the books, watching the movies, etc. Just sharing my gained knowledge and experience with any who might be interested. *

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