Michelle’s Published Work

Here are links to some of my writing. As you can see, my interests range in a broad spectrum of topics.

SOMIMag_Vol8_Apr-May'13._Arean Michelle Marie_Page_1

Ready for 2013 Spring & Summer Trends? Check out my latest article for SoMi magazine on Stylish Trends from SoMi’s fashionable boutiques.

SoMi Sweet Treats

I wrote and also did the photography for the February Cover story for South Miami’s magazine, SoMi: Strolling SoMi’s Streets of Sweet Treats ( Or Pgs. 25 – 28 of Digital Version of SoMi Magazine)

I worked as the Editor and Writer for Unique Me magazine. You can download the full Premier Summer issue and check out some very interesting stories on health, parenting, and special needs for children here. You can also check out the full Fall issue, where I contributed six articles to here.

Sept Love Opener_bad relationship_Page_2

I pitched a story on bad relationships for Latina magazine and it received a cover mention. I contributed to the reporting on this story, which was published in the September 2011 issue. Check it out.

May Love Guide Article_Page_1

I got a cover mention for my piece in Latina magazine on dating outside your culture. Check it out here. “Married to a Non-Latino” published in the May 2011 issue.

I am the writer for Tutti Bambini’s Blog, a maternity concierge store. You can check out what I’ve done for them from health to fashion pieces here.

Here are a few other clips you might enjoy:

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