Showered with Love: Double the Fun in Blue & Pink

This weekend I attended the baby shower for one of my friend’s who will be welcoming a baby boy in a few weeks. Baby showers are always nice. They’re are so full of excitement, hope and joy from all who are attending. There’s just something about the arrival of a baby that instantly puts a smile on everyone’s face.

This shower was a little more special because we were not only celebrating one baby but TWO! No, my friend is not having twins! (Though I would love for someone in my close circle to be blessed with twins someday). Now back to the baby shower, my friend’s younger sister is also expecting, but she’ll be having a girl. They are both due just a few days apart. Can you imagine the excitement for those grandparents? Two little bundles of joy – a girl and a boy – joining their families in just a few short weeks! I think those will be some busy grandparents.

Well, the baby shower theme was a shower, as in showering the girls and babies with love and gifts. The decorations were so creative! I was highly impressed. Most were even made by the girls and their families and friends. They had a huge candy bar, which is always enjoyed by all. My favorite touch in the entire shower were the “clouds” with rain they made to hang over the gift tables and candy bar. I thought that came out gorgeous and was definitely something you don’t see at every shower.

Here are some photos on how they carried out their theme throughout. It was baby explosion!


These are the beautiful cloud puffs with homemade rain drops I was mentioning earlier. Aren’t they beautiful?




The gift tables were distinguished by handmade hanging signs across the table with each baby’s name.






Here are the signs for Matthew & Arianna’s individual section of the shower.







Each place setting was set with the napkins shaped like a diaper, which I thought was a cute touch.





Here’s the large candy bar filled with lots of yummy treats!





The candy was themed in blue and pink to represent the little boy and girl on the way. There was some yellow sprinkled throughout as well.




The candy bar wasn’t filled with just candy – but cupcakes and cake balls too.





The cake also fit the shower motif. Including galoshes representing each of the mommies-to-be.







The cupcakes were adorned with little clouds, tying in to the motif.






There were a lot of choices in the candy bar. The little boxes to the right were in different shades of blue and white. Everyone filled them to the rim with goodies and it served as a cute favor to thank your guests for sharing in the special day with you.



Feel free to get creative with the names of the candy you include. These Sunny Lemon Drops compliment the theme perfectly.




These “merengue” puffs (frosting puffs) are a favorite in the Hispanic community. They were creatively named Cloud Puffs to fit the theme.







I was happy with my little stash of goodies. I’ll be enjoying them throughout the week for sure.






All you need to thank your guests is a small gesture to show your appreciation for them sharing the special day with you. My friends made this a little cuter by making the thank you from the babies on the way.



How do you add special touches to your events? Whether it’s a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a birthday, it’s always nice to make it your own and let your personality shine through.


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